Great Garage Door Designs to Match Your Garage Makeover

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While the residential garage is unlikely to fade away from memory anytime soon, it’s a fact that only 15 percent of American families are using their garage to park their cars in. Popular alternative uses include extra storage space – even if it’s nothing more than a disorganized mountain of cardboard boxes falling over one another! – a home theater, hobby or craft room, home office, greenhouse, rental studio apartment, recreation or game room, home gym; in short,  just about anything that the imagination can come up with.

If you’re planning a remodel to make better use of your garage space, you should also give some thought as to how well your existing garage door will – or will not – fit in with your new room.

Security, for example, could be a very important issue if you’re planning to transform your former garage into a home theater complete with expensive video and audio components. As any burglar worth his or her pry bar could tell you, if you could get them to talk!, entry through the garage door is one of the easiest and quickest access points to your home.

On the other hand, ease of access for your invited guests may be a key issue if your garage makeover plans call for a small rental apartment. Prospective tenants could hardly be expected to warm to the idea of using a traditional roll-up garage door to enter and exit their new home. At the very least, installation of a walk-through pedestrian door would be required.

Abundant sunlight could be an important factor for your home greenhouse plans. Healthy plants need sunlight, and plenty of it, and the majority of traditional garage door designs are a little weak when it comes to providing illumination.

The good news is garage doors today can be found in an almost endless variety of style and design options. Budget permitting, a custom garage door is another possibility, and it can be designed to meet your most demanding design requirements for whatever end use you have in mind for your new room.

Some basic design choices include the traditional overhead sectional roll-up door found on many homes throughout the country, the older one-piece tilt-up door, the barn style roll aside door, the popular carriage style door, the horizontal opening bi-fold door (this resembles the closet doors found in many homes), and the vertical opening bi-fold door, which is similar to the basic airplane hangar door.

Two great resources to help get your creative juices flowing to help you find just the right door for your particular needs are the Internet and your local garage door repair contractor.

Try a Google search for “alternative garage doors.” You’ll be directed to an impressive selection of garage door design ideas and sources., for example, has 73,674 modern garage door design ideas!

Your local garage door repair professional can save you lots of time in your search for finding the right door by matching your requirements to the style and manufacturer that would be the best match for your new room. Are you ready to turn your dream ideas into reality?

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