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Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists
Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists

“We believe in treating customers right. We are family owned & always strive to provide the best quality & service possible.”
~Ryan & Family

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Calhan Garage Door Repair & Installation

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Garage Door Repair & Installation Services You Can Trust

We provide prompt service for any garage door repair you need.

Our team of highly qualified technicians is equipped, as well as trained, to solve any problem you may be experiencing with your garage door or opener. We’ve serviced customers all over Southern Colorado for over 12 years, and we’re excited to serve you as well!

Garage door services we offer (including but not limited to):

  • Broken as well as weak garage door springs
  • Noisy, seized, or broken roller
  • Frayed, kinked, or broken cable
  • Opener repairs and replacement
  • New Garage Doors

Top Overhead Garage Door Company In Calhan 

Things to expect when choosing to call A1 Garage Door Specialists:

  • Professional, well-trained employees
  • Lifetime warranties options on most products
  • Most competitive prices in the market
  • Top customer services
Why Choose A1 Garage Door Specialists?

Your Experts in Garage Door Replacement

Why Invest in a New Garage Door?

The A1 Garage Door Specialists team is skilled in installing everything from a new garage door opener to new garage doors. We provide local people in and around Colorado Springs are with a high-grade garage door installation and replacement service to keep repair costs low.

Read on to discover why the garage door replacement cost is money well spent and find out more about the various repair options available to keep your garage doors in top condition.

Curb Appeal

A new garage door provides an immediate improvement in your frontage. If your existing garage doors have been in situ for a few years now, replacement doors allow you to invest in beautiful doors that add a delightful accent to your home.

Increase Home Value

Although customers need to consider the budget of a garage door, in most cases, the garage door costs are quickly recouped by the increase in property value a well-maintained frontage can bring. In addition, many property buyers value the convenience and security of a durable, modern garage to keep their vehicles safe. Investing in high-grade garage doors can add a noticeable amount to the value of your home. We offer insulated as well as non-insulated choices!

Improve Security

A secure garage provides peace of mind and protects your vehicles against theft and vandalism. If you want your cars, trucks, or other vehicles to be safely covered when you’re not driving them, an up-to-date security system and new, durable garage doors are a great idea.

Protect Your Vehicles From the Weather

It’s not uncommon for homeowners with a faulty garage door to end up parking outside on the drive. Over time, outside parking can hurt numerous areas of your car. We recommend prompt repair or the installation of new garage doors to ensure your vehicles can be protected from the elements.

To Keep up With Changing Needs

Over time, many people change how they use their garage, for example, needing to garage a taller vehicle or multiple vehicles. New garage doors can make all the difference, providing more headroom or width that enables you to use your garage space as you wish.

We stock a wide range of different garage doors that can be tailored to your circumstances. Suppose you’re not sure what type of upgrade will give you the best results. In that case, our team of time-served, knowledgeable engineers is always happy to provide an assessment of your garage and make a suitable recommendation.

Openers with the Latest Technology

Garage Door Openers Packed with the latest technology

Garage door openers are essential regarding the hands-free operation of your garage door.

It allows your door to open conveniently and safely at just the touch of a button (or by allowing you to enter a code). However, when they decide not to work, it throws the entire day off. Give our friendly staff a call if you have any of the following concerns needing to be addressed:

  • My machine is not opening my garage door.
  • The garage door won’t close, and the light keeps flashing.
  • Nothing happens when I press the button, but I can still hear it running.

Our openers vary from the primary contractor series to our more exclusive series packed with Wi-Fi technology. Our garage door openers are favorable, reliable, and comparable. Give A1 a call today to see all options available.

Common Problems we can Fix

Broken Spring Replacement

Our community’s most famous call that comes in is for broken torsion spring replacement services for their home.

Torsion Springs

A necessary piece to your garage door

Tightly wound to create torque, torsion springs play a massive part in balancing the garage door’s weight. This balancing allows you to open and close your door manually quickly. As the garage door opens, the torsion springs release torque so the rollers can go across the tracks to lift it.

It would help if you had your garage door springs lubed, counterbalanced, and maintained every year. This helps ensure that your garage door springs will continue to operate correctly. Regular use of Bitter conditions will weaken and damage your garage door spring, leading to breaking. Our qualified technicians can replace your weak/broken torsion spring with our Max Life springs; they are assured to last longer than most people own their homes; more importantly, they come with a lifetime warranty!

It’s true; most residential garage doors come with two coil springs. Two springs keep each other in check in case one fails. This way, your garage door doesn’t come down and crush your car or something else. Your garage door can only work well when both springs are in proper working condition. Give A1 a call today for more info!

Other Important Garage Door Parts

In addition to torsion springs, your door needs to work correctly with a few other garage door parts.

Torsion Rod

This shaft, located right above the garage door, has the job of keeping the torsion springs in place. Remember, these rods are only necessary for torsion springs for garage doors.


Garage door drums are another vital aspect of getting a garage door open. They are located on each end of the torsion rod and use its torque to adjust the cables up or let them down and stabilize and balance the door.

Nylon Rollers

The rollers move along the garage door track as it opens and closes. Furthermore, there are different kinds out on the market. Some made of steel; some of the nylon. The most preferred material is nylon. They are dependable solid, not to mention built with higher-quality materials, yet affordable. Nonetheless, rollers are one of the main reasons garage doors can be so loud. Ball-bearing rollers are high-quality, easy-to-find rollers on the market. They are the most sought after due to their extreme life span. These rollers can last 10 to 70 years!

Time To Replace Your Springs

The lifespan of an essential torsion spring, on average, is seven to nine years. The more you use your garage door, the shorter its life will be. Make a habit of occasionally checking if your torsion springs are in good condition. Please do this by disconnecting the motor from your garage door and opening it manually.

Importance Of Replacing Torsion Springs

When the garage door consists of two springs, both need replacing simultaneously. Torsion springs tend to break down at the same rate. If you change one now, it won’t be long before you do the next one.  Having both torsion springs in working order is necessary so that you can stay free of harm and frustration. As well as a more costly repair to your garage doors.

Overhead Door Opener

A garage door opener may be replaced as an upgrade or a like-for-like basis to replace a faulty Overhead door opener.

The types of door openers that we can install are:

  • SMART opener.
  • Belt drive garage door opener.
  • Chain drive opener.
  • Wall mount

In addition, we also offer a selection of different home security measures that we can install alongside a new opener to optimize your security.

A1 Garage Door Specialists

Each technician comes equipped with proper tools, extensive training, and industry-leading products.

Don’t risk your safety fixing a torsion spring yourself. Our experts want to help. We train to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Contact us today to book an appointment and get your garage door fixed. We are happy to help.

Why Trust our Team?

The Team To Trust

A1 Garage Door Specialists, the top family-owned and operated business.

Additionally, we must provide customer service and quality that is second to none.   A1 has gained an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau, with our professionally qualified technicians exceeding clients’ expectations. You can rest assured knowing you have called the right team with timely appointments, professional staff members, and the highest quality parts! 

Equally important, our products and services are backed by a one-year warranty. Not only do we take pride in helping our neighborhood; secondly, our team’s dedication to guaranteeing top-notch service for each of our customers. We stand behind our product and service; your neighbors love us!

What You Need to Know About the Calhan Community

Our Community

Located forty-five minutes east of the Colorado Springs area, Calhan is the capital of consolidated mountain towns in the United States! Additionally, it was founded in 1888 as a water station. Calhan is home to roughly 900 people, as well as being home to some big attractions. 

Places knew for:

Paint Mines -https://www.uncovercolorado.com/public-parks/paint-mines-interpretive-park/

World’s Largest High-Wheel Bicycle Located at Cadillac Jack’s RV Park & Campground, 5th Street, Calhan, CO

El Paso County Fair and Events Complex Located 366 10th St, Calhan, CO 80808

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