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Garage Door Repair & Installation

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Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists
Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists

“We believe in treating customers right. We are family owned & always strive to provide the best quality & service possible.”
~Ryan & Family

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Cripple Creek Garage Door Repair & Installation

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Garage Door Repair Company In Cripple Creek

The garage door is the most significant, heaviest, and most used product in a home, yet the most ignored by each customer.

For some, we pull a handle, and the door glides/rolls up. Or, if we’re fortunate, we push a button, and the door goes up. The fact is the systems that open our garage doors need attention. Like any mechanical accessory, the standard garage door repair and or replacement of parts is necessary.

    • Tension cables
    • Garage Door Opener
    • Torsion Springs
    • Nylon Rollers

When they do fail, you need a reliable garage door repair service. Our professionals provide five-star customer service; our work is completed with industry-leading equipment and is covered by one-year parts and labor warranty.

A1 takes garage door services very seriously. We should! Your safety is essential. Our trained experts have modern tools and other types of equipment that make completing jobs like spring replacement look safe and easy. We provide customers with max-life door springs and garage doors that open and close with ease.

An Investment in your Safety

Dependable repair technicians that put your safety first.

As garage door repair specialists, there is nothing we haven’t seen. Our doors take a beating from the occasional bump from a bumper to noisy rollers. A1 encourages regular inspections and annual tune-ups of the garage doors. Often, our experts need to listen to your  door opening or closing to know how to fix it. This attention to the most delicate hint of potential problems is what sets us apart from other garage door repair services.

Please! Never attempt replacing broken springs. They must stay under high tension to continue functioning. Professional inspection by A1 Garage Door Specialists is the best defense against untimely breakdowns.

A1 Garage Door Specialists is ready to meet any repair need you may have. Issues like worn-out nylon rollers and cables need to be addressed quickly for safety reasons. If not repaired correctly, your safety is at risk. A1 is just a phone call away from unexpected repairs. Call A1 for:

  • Garage door repair and or replacement
  • Slow operation and noisy rollers
  • Modern door openers with whisper operation
  • Nylon roller replacement
Garage Door Opener Technology

Garage Door Openers Equipped With Latest Technology

From completely silent to extremely strong, A1 has a garage door opener to fit your every need. Each versatile design features unique benefits, so you can choose the styles that work best for your garage doors. Whether you are looking for a garage door opener with a camera, LED lighting, or a wall mount, you can find what you need at A1. A wide variety of styles give you plenty of options when making your decision, including:

  • Chain drive
  • Wall mount
  • Belt drive
  • Smart
Chain Drive Openers

Specially made to handle heavy doors that see frequent use. These sturdy openers are built to last and can withstand repeated use day in and day out. If you need a reliable garage door opener with a powerful pull, a chain drive model is the best choice for you.

Wall Mount Openers

Wall mount openers are designed to be installed on the wall next to your garage door, rather than on the ceiling overhead. This serves to free up the space above, allowing you to maximize the use of your garage space and broadening your design possibilities.

Belt Drive Openers

If your home has an attached garage, a belt drive opener is the best model for you. Belt drive openers are extremely strong and nearly silent, making them ideal for attached garages that are frequently used. With a belt drive opener, your household won’t be interrupted by the sound of a noisy garage.

Smart Openers

With a smart opener, you can control your garage from anywhere using your smartphone. This specialty opener connects to your home’s wifi and sync to your myQ app for easy use, no matter where you are. Smart openers also offer a number of additional features, including corner-to-corner LED lighting and cameras.

Advanced Security Features

Garage door openers are rigorously tested to ensure they exceed the highest level of safety standards. You can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are protected inside. Features such as motion detection, automatic locking, and programmable timers work together to secure your home properly.

Garage Door Opener Accessories

A1 offers a number of accessories to enhance the performance of your garage doors opener, including:

  • Keypads
  • Wall controls
  • Cameras
  • Remote controls
  • Battery backup systems

These accessories add the finishing touch to your upgraded garage system and give you access to every stat-of-the-art feature you need.

These next-generation garage door opener is specially designed to meet the needs of the modern homeowner. With a sleek design, quality lighting, and an extensive list of additional features, a new garage door opener turns your garage into a more functional extension of your home. Make your home the envy of your neighbors and order a new garage door opener from A1 today.

Broken Spring Replacement

Industry-Leading Product

The most famous call that comes in from our community is for a broken spring replacement.

63% of all homes in the United States feature a garage. That is a lot of garage doors to repair and maintain!

Garages are an essential part of many homes. They protect your cars, store your things, and sometimes act as your front door. That’s why it’s important to keep their nylon roller, garage door spring, ball bearings and more in good shape.

Torsion springs are one necessary piece of garage doors. When they wear down or break, your door becomes useless. Knowing what a torsion spring is and what it does will help you when it’s time for the door repair.

Read  to learn more about torsion springs and when to hire a  technician to replace yours. Or Call us today!

What Are Torsion and Coil Springs

When you look at the mechanism that allows your  door to work, you’ll notice there are many different parts. Some doors have more moving pieces than others, but all have torsion springs and garage door tracks.

You can find your torsion springs near the top of your closed garage. These springs are tightly wound to generate torque and balance the weight of the door.

This balancing allows you to easily open and close your door manually. When you open the garage doors, the torsion springs release torque so the rollers can go across the tracks to lift it.

It’s true, most residential doors come with two coil springs. Two springs keep each other in check in case one fails. This way your  overhead door doesn’t come down and crush your car or something else.

You  door can only work well when both springs are in good condition.

How to Tell Your Torsion Springs Are Bad

The lifespan of a torsion spring, on average, is seven to nine years. The more you use your door, the shorter its life will be.

Because of this, you should occasionally check if your torsion springs are in good condition. You can do this by disconnecting the opener from the door and opening it manually.

If you are near your door when a torsion spring breaks, you will be able to tell immediately. There will be a very loud noise. Then, the door will not work, and the spring will have a noticeable crack. Call A1 for your garage door repair now!

Sometimes, when your torsion springs need replacing, they make a squeaking noise. You can try to spray some lubricant on them. If the sound persists, however, you should call a professional.

Why Replacing Torsion Springs Is Important

Replacing torsion springs is important because you won’t be able to leave through your door if they’re broken.

Broken or old springs can put your cars, your guests, and yourself in danger. Your door cannot be stable without good torsion springs.

If your door features two springs, you’ll want to repair them at the same time. Torsion springs tend to break down at the same rate. If you replace one now, it won’t be long before you do the next one.

Having both torsion springs in working order is necessary, so you can stay free of harm and frustration.

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