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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

Have you thought about getting a garage door opener? It’s a great way to open your door in various environments, and some additional features can also provide safety and protection. But before choosing any product, it’s essential to consider the costs associated with the installation. It may seem straightforward, but factors like your garage size and the kind of opener you choose can alter your price. We’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown of what you should look for before installing your automatic openers. 

What Type of Garage Door Opener Are You Getting?

There are quite a few garage door opener options for homeowners, and the style you get will influence the installation. Costs vary with each, but these are the most common openers available today:

  • Chain Driven
  • Belt-Driven
  • Screw-Driven
  • Direct Drive

Chain-driven openers are durable and strong and are one of the more budget-friendly options. However, they can be a bit noisy, so keep that in mind before purchasing. Belt-driven openers use a steel belt to open them instead of a chain and need a bit less maintenance than their counterparts. Screw-driven openers are less popular than they used to be but require minimal maintenance due to their lack of many moving parts. Direct drive openers are silent and effective and are one of the highest-quality openers on the market today.

The Size of Your Garage Door

Do you have a garage door on the smaller side, or one that can store two cars and many other accessories? The larger the space you have to cover, the more you can expect to pay for an opener. Believe it or not, garage doors can be pretty heavy. As a result, the opener you choose has to have enough horsepower to lift it. Horsepower is defined as the lifting capacity of your automatic opener motor. Powerful motors last longer and can lift more, but you may not need them for a lighter door. Your garage door installers can give you a more detailed look into the size and specs of your door.

Keypads or Remotes?

A new garage door opener will typically come with one or two remotes, but some homeowners getting a new opener might want to swap out their existing remotes or get a few more for their homes. You should also factor keypads into the cost as an alternative way to open the door. Keypads usually require a professional installation, especially when purchased after the installation, so factor this into the opener you choose. 

Don’t Forget Labor Costs

One of the most important questions to ask your installer is how much they charge for labor. A garage door opener can take anywhere from two to six hours to install, so make sure you have an outline of how long yours might take and the hourly labor costs. If you have a door taller than 7 feet, your contractor might need an extension kit, so factor this into your potential charges. 

Additional Things to Consider

Depending on the state of your garage, garage door, and the type of opener you choose, there may also be additional things to consider before you start the installation. Of course, your garage door opener installer will ask you about any of these, but you can also evaluate your garage door before making the jump. 

  • Additional Electrical Wiring – If your garage isn’t wired for electricity, you’ll need to factor that into the cost
  • Lighting – Most garage door openers come with a lighting system, but one that doesn’t will need a separate installation. 
  • Your Garage Door Sensor – Safety sensors are an integral part of the installation, as they protect you, your car, your door, and any objects in the way. Pair a sensor with your opener and reap the benefits.
  • A Backup Battery – In a power outage or a wiring mishap, a backup battery can protect you with additional power to open the door. This is especially useful for homeowners with large, heavy doors that may be difficult to open manually.

Secure Your Garage Door Opener From A1 Garage Doors!

Want to know something else you should consider during the opener installation process? The company you choose! Turning to anyone but the best installers is an unnecessary risk. The service you get corresponds with who you choose, so turn to the team at A1 Garage Door Specialists, and we’ll show you what quality garage door installation and repair services look like. Contact us today and make opening your door simple and convenient with the help of our contractors.

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