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Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists
Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists

“We believe in treating customers right. We are family owned & always strive to provide the best quality & service possible.”
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Manitou Springs Garage Door Repair & Installation

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Manitou Springs Door Repair

We strive to provide the highest quality customer service in Manitou Springs! From the first phone call with our office staff to the onsite technician that will help with your garage door repair or installation. We take pride in helping our community and are committed to providing top-notch service on door repairs and replacement. A1 is the most recommended Manitou Springs Garage Door Repair company.

We’re your complete solution for any door problem you may be experiencing, whether it’s a broken spring, cables, rollers, openers, panels, or just a loud door. Our process is simple; we schedule you for a free estimate. It starts with calling our friendly phone staff to get you scheduled at your convenience. (Same day service, at no extra charge). Our highly-trained technician arrives in a fully stocked vehicle, assesses your door and opener, and provides you with detailed diagnostics. Once you have received the diagnostics, we can get you all fixed upright while there.

Call A1 For Your Garage Door Service or Repair

Is there something wrong with the doors in your house? Do they not work like they used to? Most garage service issues can be resolved by some minor DIY  repair, such as resetting your garage door opener, tightening some nuts and bolts, or even adjusting the doors sensors. The majority of these fixes are feasible for the average homeowner to tackle, but some issues will require expertise beyond “a do-it-yourselfer.” In some cases, such as worn torsion springs, a professional garage door technician will have to inspect the problem, and if you try to fix the issue yourself, you may do more damage to your garage doors.

Read on if you’re curious about what you should and shouldn’t do for your door repair; we’ll help you figure it out. If you notice any of the following signs, you should immediately call a professional overhead door company.

Noises that are not part of the original song

There are several signs that you will need to call a garage door services professional if you hear extra noises. There may be some noises from the door as it moves, such as squeaking or clicking. Even though you might think it isn’t a big deal, it may present a dangerous situation if you fail to request garage services. You might need to tighten bolts or replace a wearing spring if you hear the noise. The failure of this spring or these bolts can cause expensive damage to your garage doors and injury or even death. If your door system starts making strange noises, you should contact a professional immediately for a repair.

Some sections are sagging.

Eventually, if the door is not properly maintained over time, it will start to sag. As a result, you will begin to see considerable gaps under the ends of the door when this happens. To prevent this, you will need to make sure that the door is always balanced every month.

  • Step one. Disconnect the garage door opener from the door by pulling the emergency release cord.
  • Step two. Bring the door down halfway and release some of your grips.
  • Step 3. Once the grip is loosened, pay close attention to what happens next. If the door slams down or flies out of your hands, the tension spring has worn out or is faulty. If that’s the case, you’ll need to call a professional to help alleviate the problem and avoid replacement.
  • Step 4a: If the door does not react, re-engage the opener and follow up in a month.
  • Step 4b: If the door reacted, we recommend closing the door and calling A1 for a repair service.

Slow Response

Observe the length of time it takes for the garage doors to open/close when you use your remote to see if your door is operating at an optimal level. It should take two seconds for your door to respond to these commands. If there is a delay beyond two seconds, it may signify that your garage doors need a professional tune-up. If your door does nothing when you press the open or close buttons on your remote, you may find a bigger problem. Your garage door opener may need to be programmed, or you may have complex wiring issues.

Faulty Photo-Eye Sensor

The photo-eye sensor (also called the safety sensor) tells your garage doors to stop closing or opening if there is an obstruction. An infrared beam shines from one sensor to the other. When the infrared beam is obstructed and the garage door opener continues to close or open, this could present a dangerous situation. If the garage doors don’t open or close when you press the buttons on the garage doors opener, there could be an alignment problem with the photo-eye. Call a professional to get a service repair on your garage door opener when these issues arise.

Roller Issues

The nylon rollers on your doors keep your door on its track. A nylon roller can wear over time and become bent, broken, or faulty. Deformed rollers can cause loud noises, bend the hinges, and roll the door off its tracks when this happens. You’ll need precision garage door rollers to fix the issue to solve this problem. Ensure you get a skilled garage tech to take care of the problem.

The Door Is Off the Tracks

This repair can directly correlate with the roller issues we’ve stated above. Bad rollers can cause the door to go off its tracks. It can be challenging to get the door back on the tracks when this happens. This is not a problem you want to leave or tackle independently. Getting a door back on its tracks may require particular parts, heavy equipment, and extra labor. A professional garage service can work with this problem and get your door back in shape, safely, and professionally.

What you Need to Know about Springs

Broken Cables or Torsion Springs

Broken cables on garage doors are a severe problem. The cables and pulleys are complex systems that lift and close your garage doors. When these cables break or start to fail, it puts anyone at risk of the garage doors suddenly falling on someone. The coils on garage systems present extreme tension. If you are not careful, the torsion spring can snap and injure someone. Even though fixing these problems yourself is relatively inexpensive, it can be hazardous and is not recommended. The door is the heaviest part of the system. If you need help fixing broken cables on your door, it’s best to call in a professional garage service installation.

Industry Leading Garage Door Springs

Tightly wound to create torque, a torsion spring plays a massive part in balancing the door’s weight. This balancing allows you to open and close your door manually quickly. As the door opens, the torsion spring will release torque so the rollers can go across the tracks to lift it.

It would be best to have your door spring lubed, counterbalanced, and maintained every year. This helps ensure that your garage door spring will continue to operate correctly. Painful conditions, regular use, and lack of maintenance will weaken and damage your garage door spring, breaking it. Our qualified technicians can replace your weak/broken torsion spring with our Max Lifespring; they are assured to last longer than most people own their homes; more importantly, they come with a lifetime warranty!

It’s true; most residential garage doors come with two spring coils. Two springs keep each other in check in case one fails. This way, your door doesn’t come down and crush your car or something else. Your door can only work well when both springs are in proper working condition.

It’s Time to Call Manitou Springs Door Repair Company

When you start having problems with your door, you must get a professional tech to repair the problem. Trying to fix any of these issues discussed in this article is dangerous and not recommended. Remember any issues that require repairing torsion spring, cables, or rollers may require disassembling the door. The non-insulated doors alone can weigh upwards of 500lbs, which means you’ll likely need special repair tools, machinery, and lots of labor. If you need advice with your garage problems, give us a call, and our professionals can help you with any questions you need answers for. Or contact us to book a free estimate for your needed repairs or replacment.

All inclusive Maintenance

All-Inclusive Overhead Door Maintenance

Since we specialize in door repair, we have seen just about everything. We put our garage through a lot, from the occasional bump caused by a bumper to the noise of rollers. A1 recommends that the door be inspected and maintained regularly. Our experts can usually determine how to fix your door just by listening to it open or close.

Please! Never attempt replacing broken springs. They must stay under high tension to continue functioning. Inspection by professionals at A1 is the best defense against untimely breakdowns. Contact us to book one of our free estimates today, or book online.

Garage Door Opener Packed With Technology

You can find a garage door opener to fit your needs at A1. There are many versatile designs, so you can pick one that works best for your garage. No matter what kind of garage door opener you need — a camera, LED lighting, or a wall mount — our techs can install it. Contact us today . There are many styles available to choose from, including:

  • Chain Drive Opener- These garage door openers are made to withstand constant use. The chain drive opener will handle your heavy door with a powerful pull.
  • Wall Mount Opener- The opener is mounted on the wall, not on the ceiling. The space above can be used for design or storage purposes.
  • Belt Drive Opener- Nearly silent, it is ideal for attached garages that are frequently used. Includes additional features such as wifi capabilities and top-notch security features.
  • Smart Opener- With smart garage door openers, you can control your garage from anywhere using your smartphone. These technology-filled openers work to connect to your home’s wifi by syncing to your myQ app for easy use, no matter where you are. Smart openers also offer additional features, including, but not limited to, corner-to-corner LED lighting, cameras, and a 24-hour customer support line.
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A1 Garage Door Specialists is proud to be serving Manitou Springs. We are a local family-owned and operated business; our mission is to provide customer service and quality that is second to none. A1 has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with our professionally trained technicians exceeding the expectations of customers with timely appointments, professional employees, and the highest quality parts. Contact your neighborhood garage door company today!

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We Love Our Manitou Springs Community

Manitou Springs offers an endless amount of activities and needs for all ages all over the Colorado Springs area. Hiking, shopping, sightseeing, or eating, you name it. We have it! 

Here are a few places we recommend checking out if you are new to the area! 

  • Manitou Springs Incline-  Meant for active outdoor people. It climbs over 2,000 feet of elevation in less than 1 mile. These 2,768 steps give you a feeling of accomplishment once completed. Located at 506 Ruxton Avenue Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Incline Park Website
  • Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings- An educational yet fun trip for all ages that takes you through the history of the Native American culture. Cliff Dwellings Museum website
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