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My Garage Door Motor Hums But Doesn’t Open. What’s Going On?

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When your garage door opener starts humming but fails to go anywhere, odds are that some part has gone off track or is malfunctioning and needs to be adjusted. While some of these issues may be minor, others compromise the door’s integrity. Don’t be fooled by the sweet tunes of a humming garage door; you want to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. A few of these resolutions can help narrow down the cause of your humming garage door. 

Is the Motor the Problem?

If the motor is humming but the garage door fails to open, the first thing you should check is the condition of the motor itself. One that’s burnt out or rusted might make a humming noise but won’t be effective. Disconnect the door opener from the trolley and observe the motion of the motor and the chains. If the motor runs and the chains follow suit, the problem is most likely not your motor. If the chains aren’t working properly, one or more of the components of your motor might be malfunctioning.

Inspect the Track

Garage doors sometimes get off track and need some assistance getting back to doing what they know best. Garage doors can sometimes go up a bit crooked or fall out of place and get stuck in place. Weather can also play a factor, as huge storms can sometimes knock your garage door out of whack. Shaking the garage door — almost like wiggling something back into place — can help remedy the problem. If it does work, open and close your garage door a few times to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again. If it does, it’s probably time to contact your local garage door repair specialists.

Inspect the Springs

Problems with your garage door springs are serious, and you definitely don’t want to try to open the door too much with damaged springs. Over time your springs can wear out, and even one spring can cause your garage door to stop working altogether. If your springs are out of line, you can attempt to adjust one of the springs into the proper location. If that doesn’t work, your springs may have extended past their lifespan (5,000-10,000 cycles) and need to be replaced.

Are the Safety Sensors Working?

Sometimes the safety sensors (also known as the photo-eye) may be out of line, causing it to hum but not open up. When your safety sensors are blocked, they will detect objects in the area and won’t close. If they’re malfunctioning, they will do the opposite and begin opening up before reversing and closing up shop. If you clean debris off the photo-eye sensors and the garage door still malfunctions, your safety sensors are out of line or there’s a technical issue that requires professional assistance. 

Seek Out a Professional Garage Door Service for Help

It can be terribly frustrating when your garage door prevents you from getting into and out of your home. Fortunately, there’s a remedy to all your issues, and all it requires is a phone call. A1 Garage Door Specialists provide garage door repair to Monument, CO homeowners and plenty more in the area. If your garage door is humming, but you can’t seem to diagnose the issue, reaching out for our services is the solution you need for difficulties with your garage door.

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