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Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists
Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists

“We believe in treating customers right. We are family owned & always strive to provide the best quality & service possible.”
~Ryan & Family

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We aim to provide the highest quality of customer service. With your first phone call to our office team, to the technician that will complete your garage door adjustment or installment. 

Things that Can Wrong with Your Garage Door

Some garage door opener issues are more common than others. In addition to a faulty door, the  motor could fail. Sometimes the nylon rollers need replacing or a broken spring won’t let the door open. Whatever the garage door repair, your garage doors will be whisper quiet when complete. Remember, trusting an expert to repair garage door parts and pieces is the only way to ensure your safety.

A broken spring can be dangerous. These tension spring adds a counterweight to the heavy door as it opens. Without this spring, you would have a hard time opening your door. A1 goes a step beyond spring replacement with a lifetime warranty of the performance of the spring. This means you’ll never need to worry about  a broken  spring repair again.

All-Inclusive Garage Door Maintenance

As garage door repair specialists there is nothing we haven’t seen. From the occasional bump from a bumper to noisy rollers, our garage doors really take a beating. To this end, A1 encourages regular inspection and garage door services. In many cases, our experts simply need to listen to your  door opening or closing to know how to fix it. This attention to the finest hint of potential problems is what sets us apart from other garage repair company’s. Please! Never attempt replacing a broken spring. They must stay under high tension to continue functioning. Inspection by professionals at A1 is the best defense against untimely breakdowns.

Local Garage Door Repair Nights & Weekends!

The  door is part of a system that most homeowners take for granted. Some just pull a handle and the door slides or rolls up. Or if we’re fortunate we push a button, the door goes up, and we go from there. The fact is the system that opens your garage doors needs serviced. Like any mechanical device, the occasional repair and or replacement of parts is inevitable. For instance, tension cables, the garage door motor, and other system components can fail. When they do, you need a reliable garage door repair service at a low cost.. Our professionals offer five-star customer service, and we always complete repair work guaranteed in writing with industry-leading equipment.

Other Important Garage Doors Parts

In addition to the garage door spring, there are a mountain of other parts your door needs to work properly.

Torsion Rod-This shaft, located right above the door, has the job of keeping the torsion spring in place. Remember, these rods are only necessary for garage doors that use a torsion spring.

Drums-Garage drums are another important aspect of getting a garage open. They are located on each end of the torsion rod and use its torque to adjust the cables up or let them down, as well as stabilize and balance the door.

Nylon Rollers– The rollers move along the garage door track as it opens and closes. However, there are separate kinds out on the market to include, some made of steel; some of nylon. The most preferred material is nylon. They are strong, dependable, not to mention made of higher-quality materials, yet affordable. Nonetheless, rollers are one of the main reasons that garage doors can be so loud. It’s generally agreed upon that nylon rollers are quieter, yet the ball bearings in rollers also affect the sound.

Ball bearing rollers are high-quality, easy-to-find rollers on the market.In fact, they are the most sought after due to their extreme life span. These rollers can last 10 to 70 years!

Competitive Costs on Garage Doors Installation and Repairs

Have you treated your garage to some TLC recently? Over the years, the average door comes in for a fair bit of wear and tear. Furthermore, faults such as broken garage doors spring, faulty functioning, and continued reduced curb appeal can cause garage doors to be made useless.

From new garage door opener to a completely new garage doors, A1 can do it all. In fact many of our Colorado Springs garage doors customers rate us as one of the best overhead door repair companies.

Discover why replacing your garage doors is a smart investment. Call us today!

Why Invest in a New Garage Door?

Curb Appeal-New garage doors provide an immediate improvement in your frontage. Replace your old garage doors with an improved one that enhances your home after some time.

Increase Home Value-For the most part property buyers value the convenience and security of a durable, modern garage. Investing in upgraded garage doors can add a noticeable amount to the value of your home.

To Keep up With Changing Needs-As times changes, many people use their garages differently, for example to store taller vehicles or multiple vehicles. With  new garage doors, you can enjoy more headroom and width in your garage.

The technician will assess your garage and determine the best upgrade for you based on his experience and knowledge.

Garage Door Openers Packed With Newest Technology

From completely silent to extremely strong, A1 has a garage door opener to fit your every need. In fact each versatile design features unique benefits, so you can choose the style that works best for your garage.   At A1, you can find a garage door opener with cameras, LED lighting, or wall mounts. Above all, a wide variety of styles give you plenty of options when making your decision on a replacement options, including:

Wall Mount Opener

Wall mount garage door openers attach to the wall next to your garage doors instead of hanging over it.  It allows you to utilize your garage space more effectively and broaden your design options.

Belt Drive Opener

A belt drive opener is exceptionally powerful and almost silent, so you don’t need to worry about a noisy garage.

Smart Opener

With smart garage door openers, you can control your garage from anywhere using your smartphone. With these specialty openers, your home’s wifi and the myQ app make it easy to use.

Furthermore smart openers also offer a number of additional features, including corner-to-corner LED lighting and cameras.

Garage Door Parts Guide

 Opener Accessories

A few of the accessories to enhance the performance of your garage door opener include:

  • Keypads
  • Wall controls
  • Cameras
  • Remote controls
  • Battery backup systems
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The A1 Team 

A1 Garage Door Specialists is a local family-owned and operated door repair garage business in the Colorado Springs area. Providing customer service and quality that is second to none is our duty. Additionally, our prompt appointments, professional staff members, and highest quality parts, have earned A1 Garage Door Specialists an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

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