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Thorough Garage Door Maintenance in Colorado Springs

Protect Against Unexpected Breakdowns With Annual Maintenance!

Regular maintenance is a necessary evil for many things in our lives, and our garage doors are no exception. Garage door maintenance from our Colorado Springs, CO, technicians is the best method for preventing a full breakdown of your garage door and garage door opener. All major manufacturers recommend having your door and opener serviced once a year. Doing this ensures that your system runs at peak performance throughout the entire year, helping to avoid breakdowns that would require an emergency repair.

When you need a garage door tune-up, trust only the best in the business. Go with A1 Garage Door Specialists. Since 2008, our garage door maintenance experts have been protecting the mechanisms that protect homes in and around Colorado Springs, CO, including:

  • Black Forest
  • Woodmoor
  • Security-Widefield
  • Monument
  • Pueblo
  • Cripple Creek
  • Peyton
  • Fountain
  • Woodland Park
  • And more

The Importance of Garage Door Tune-ups

It is important never to ignore a regular garage door tune-up and inspection. These maintenance appointments not only allow for the smooth operation of your garage door but also protect the safety of you and your family. Our garage door maintenance specialists in Colorado Springs, CO, are able to spot even the tiniest problems, allowing you to have peace of mind knowing the door will not suddenly fall and hurt a family member, friend, or pet. We’ll also keep all parts well-lubricated, cleaned, and aligned to increase the door’s longevity and save you money.

Here are a few of the services you can expect when you work with our technicians specializing in garage door servicing:

  • Full door inspection
  • Lubrication and adjustment of door tracks
  • Full opener inspection
  • Adjustment of all opener settings
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Protect Your Garage With Garage Door Weather Stripping

Keep the rain, snow, wind, dirt, debris, and pests outside with the proper garage door weather stripping. Our team can advise on the appropriate seals and threshold barriers for your garage door so that you can keep your space spick-and-span and your belongings protected from the elements.

Lubricating Your Garage Door: How We Can Help

Your garage door has several moving parts and needs to be greased from time to time. If you neglect lubricating your garage door, it will start squeaking when the door opens and closes. Even worse, the system’s lifespan will be shortened from working harder raising and lowering the door. Luckily, when you schedule a garage door maintenance service, our technicians will lubricate the rollers, hinges, springs, locks, arm bar, and bearing plates for you. With this simple service, you can enjoy the smooth operation of your door all year long.

Why Choose Our Garage Door Maintenance Services

We’ve been serving the Colorado Springs Metro Area since 2008. Our experienced, professional, and highly-trained technicians specialize in garage door servicing and more. We pride ourselves on providing an “A1” level of prompt, courteous, and honest service that is second to none!

When you schedule a garage door maintenance appointment with our Colorado Springs, CO, company, you can expect the following:

  • Assistance from professional, well-trained staff
  • Lifetime warranties on many products
  • Efficient service
  • Competitive market prices
  • An array of specials
  • Customer satisfaction

In addition to garage door tune-ups, our technicians can help you with the following services in Black Forest, Woodmoor, Security-Widefield, Monument, Pueblo, Cripple Creek, Peyton, Fountain, and Woodland Park, CO:

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Keep your garage door operating smoothly with garage door maintenance from our Colorado Springs, CO, technicians. We’ll clean all moving parts and fix minor problems before they become costly headaches. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up.

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