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Regular maintenance is a necessary evil around your home, and your garage door is no exception.  Scheduled tune ups will help ensure a secure, tight seal & can extend the life of any garage door.


A regular garage door tune-up and inspection should never be taken for granted. This is important not just for the proper working condition of your garage door but also for you and your loved ones’ safety. A professional should always be called to conduct regular tune-ups and maintenance of your garage door as they are trained to spot even the most minor issues.


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Garage Door Service & Maintenance

Maintenance is the best method for preventing a full breakdown of your garage door and garage door opener.  All major manufacturers recommend that you have your garage door and garage door opener serviced (tuned up) once a year.  Doing this insures that your garage door and garage door opener will be running at peak performance throughout the entire year, helping to avoid breakdowns that would require an emergency repair. These are just a few of the services you can expect to be performed when perform a tune up on your garage door:

  • Full door inspection
  • Lube and adjust door tracks
  • Full opener inspection
  • Check and and adjust all opener settings


Keep the rain and outdoors outside and protect what’s in your garage with proper weather stripping. We can advise on the appropriate seals and threshold barriers for your garage door.


Insulating your garage door can save on energy costs and keep your garage warmer by 12 degrees in the winter and cooler by 25 degrees in the summer.

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