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The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Many homeowners believe that their garage doors can last forever and don’t need a bit of assistance. If you want to protect your garage door system, the last thing anyone wants to forget is annual maintenance, and yet many doors go years without seeing a service technician. It’s time to let homeowners know the importance of maintaining their garage doors in mint condition with annual maintenance. Because of this expertise, we can help you avoid costly repairs, keep warranties, and bring overall satisfaction without having to fork over a hefty cost.

Avoid Those Random Repairs (And Their Costs)

One of the biggest benefits of a well-maintained garage door is that any potential problems are addressed before they become costly. Broken springs and other damaged parts not only require fixes for themselves but can lead to damage due to other parts having to compensate for the garage door malfunctions. Maintenance provides a quality evaluation of the condition of your door, usually identifying any signs of future problems. From there, garage door repair specialists can take over and address any broken or faulty parts before they cause additional damage. 

You Can Lose Your Warranty Without Proper Repairs

Did you know that most warranties are contingent upon proper maintenance and care? This isn’t just a garage door thing, either. Your car’s engine or transmission warranty is likely contingent on you getting them evaluated at service intervals or changing out fluids regularly. The same applies to garage doors, as any problems will have to be addressed out of pocket if it’s found that you never got maintenance on time. 

Protect Your Family and Appliances

No one wants an accident to occur when you least expect it, and when it comes to garage doors, most problems will occur during operation. Most of the time, you won’t notice problems until the door opens or closes, meaning it’s highly likely that people or products will be in the way. If you have a broken spring — which can force the door to close rapidly without warning — you don’t want someone or something underneath when the weight slams down. Annual maintenance can provide more than monetary savings, giving your family protection year-round. 

Maximize the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Garage doors are meant to last about 15 to 30 years, which is a very long time. But doors will barely reach a decade if they aren’t maintained properly. The more repairs you have to make, the more likely your service provider will recommend a garage door replacement. Instead of a door that lasts into your child’s 30s, they’ll barely be out of 5th grade before you need a new garage door. 

What Can Annual Maintenance Protect Against?

So yes, garage door maintenance is very important, but what exactly can it identify? Many things can go wrong with your door, with many being relatively difficult to decipher. But our maintenance specialists have seen it all and here are just a few things quality maintenance can help prevent. 

Broken Sensors

Sensors act as important safety measures for your doors, providing protection in case objects are in the way while the door is closing. Faulty sensors can fail to notice something in the way or might believe something is in the way of the door and fail to close completely.


Many garage door parts are made of metal, meaning rust and corrosion are important factors to consider. Rust plaguing your door can lead to snapped cables and broken springs. Some springs shoot out when broken, so observing rust is an important sign that problems are arising.

Gaps Between the Door and the Ground

After heavy use, garage doors develop gaps and warps because of the elements constantly battering against them. This can lead to damage to your weatherstripping and even bend the panels. Not only will this lead to uncomfortable temperatures and bring in the elements, but you will also allow rodents and other pests to explore your important goods. 

Blocked Tracks and Rollers

Track and rollers are responsible for keeping your doors moving up and down. When they accumulate too much dirt and debris, it becomes difficult for your door to move, putting pressure on the garage door opener and many other parts.

Get Routine Maintenance From A1 Garage Door Specialists

One of the most important parts of regular maintenance is ensuring you have the right contractors for the job. Hiring contractors unaware of the importance of garage door openers or other parts of your garage is a waste of time and money. To prevent costly garage door repairs and other problems, reach out to A1 Garage Door Specialists! 

Our garage door maintenance team in Colorado Springs saves you money with thorough and dedicated annual inspections to ensure your garage is in working order. Contact us today to schedule your service appointment or explore our specials to ensure your garage door functions properly for as long as possible. 

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