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When Should I Replace My Garage Doors?

Your garage door has been making a lot of noise lately, grinding while opening and closing, and even looking like it’s a bit off-centered. Surely these problems aren’t that bad, right? Wrong. The opening and closing of your garage door is a simple operation, so when your senses tell you something is wrong, don’t ignore them. It might be time to repair or — more significantly — replace your door. If you follow your gut and read these signs, you’ll be able to determine when you should replace your garage door.

When Your Garage Door Is Old

Occasionally, a garage door repair expert will recommend a few fixes when your garage door is young and isn’t facing significant damage. But if your garage door is old, or if you haven’t been getting proper garage door maintenance, it might be time to have the door replaced. When properly maintained, garage doors can last a few decades. Conversely, one that isn’t well cared for can start to give way after 7-10 years. But all good things come to an end, and if yours is running on 30 years of operation, it might be time for a fresh new face. 

When Your Door Won’t Open or Close

Garage doors have one purpose: to open and close when needed. When your door can’t do that, it’s time for a replacement. Sometimes, there are a few reasons your door won’t open, including faulty openers, dirty or blocked sensors, or a broken remote control. Replacing these key components could be all you need to restore your garage’s function. But if you haven’t gotten proper maintenance over the years and have broken extension or torsion springs and damaged rollers, it’s time to install a new garage door. 

When Your Garage Door Is Extremely Damaged

We get it; sometimes, those broken doors have a bit of nostalgia to them, especially if you’re someone who loves to work outdoors. But when it gets so bad that your panels are starting to fall apart, you should replace your garage door system. This doesn’t just apply to the panels either, as rollers and other moving parts need to be properly lubricated. When they aren’t cared for, broken springs can shoot out and damage things inside your garage, and you don’t want your door to fall off its tracks. Reach out to a garage door specialist to replace a damaged door.

When Your Garage Door Can’t Keep You Safe

Another important role of your garage door is to keep you safe. Not all garages are located away from a house, and if your door is connected to your home, the last thing you want is for someone to find an easy way in. The decision to repair or replace can come down to which one keeps your home the safest. If repairs aren’t guaranteed to solve the problem, consider getting a replacement and living with the comfort of knowing your family is safe.

When Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

The next homeowner we meet that enjoys giving away their money for free will be the first. Skyrocketing energy bills are one of the biggest signs that your garage doors should be replaced. Older doors wear down, with seals and stripping becoming loose and unable to keep out the outside elements like they once did. As your energy bills get higher and higher, consider calling on a garage door professional to evaluate the condition of your doors.

Need to Replace Your Garage Doors? A1 Garage Door Specialists Are Here to Help!

Is it time for you to get new garage doors? If these signs apply to you, it’s important that you contact a professional, as you’re not only risking your safety but the safety of the others around you. If you’re searching for a garage door replacement in Colorado Springs, reach out to the experts at A1 Garage Door Specialists. You’re one call away from finding the styles you love and improving the efficiency of your home and garage!

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