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Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists
Reasons to choose A1 Garage Door Specialists

“We believe in treating customers right. We are family owned & always strive to provide the best quality & service possible.”
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Woodland Park Garage Door Repair & Installation

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Reliable Garage Door Repair & Installation Services

Regardless of what type of garage door or garage door services you need, A1  can install or repair your door without a reasonable doubt. We offer low-cost garage door repair & installation services in and around the Woodland Park area. Contact us today.

We offer all kinds of garage services for your needs, including:

  • Repair Services- If you encounter issues with your overhead door, our team of specialists is ready to handle them. If rollers malfunction or a garage door spring needs replaced, we can provide expert garage door repair services. At A1, you can trust that we will deliver timely and efficient door service. Our same-day emergency service allows us to respond and address your door problem immediately.
  • New Garage Door Installations-Our highly skilled technicians can perform replacement or installation for your damaged or old door. We provide recommendations to help you choose the right option that fits your needs and budget. We carry a selection of quality doors for faster installation.
  • Garage Door OpenersAs it opens conveniently and safely, garage door openers are one of the most important mechanisms in your garage. You can have them replaced or upgraded by us. We service all garage door openers, including logic boards, gear sets, and circuit boards. Reviews prove it!

Top Overhead Door Repairs Team

Is your garage not working how it used to? Maybe you’ve done minor repairs, such as resetting your garage door opener, tightening some nuts and bolts, or adjusting the sensors. These fixes are significant for the ordinary homeowner to tackle, but some issues will require expertise beyond “a do-it-yourselfer.” Some issues like worn torsion spring will need a professional door technician to look at, and if you try to fix the problem yourself, you may do more damage. If you’re curious about what you should and shouldn’t settle when it comes to your garage, we’ve got you covered. Continue below for different parts a tech explains for signs when you should make a call to a professional for Garage Door Repair & Installation Services.

Extra Noises

Extra noises can be a tell-tale sign that you’ll need to call a professional. You may hear squeaking or clicking when the garage door is in motion. While you may think it’s not a big deal, it may present a dangerous situation if not taken care of. These noises could be loose, bolts, or a wearing spring. If a spring or bolts fail, it could lead to costly damage to your garage, injury, or even death. It’s imperative to call a professional when your garage door system needs garage door repair & installation services

Sagging Sections

Over time your door will eventually start sagging if not appropriately maintained. When this happens, you’ll begin to see significant gaps under the ends of the door. Good maintenance will prevent this. To prevent this, you’ll need to test the balance of the garage doors monthly. Bring the door down halfway to see if it rises or falls on its own. If it does, the tension spring has worn out or become faulty. If that’s the case, you’ll need to call a professional to help alleviate the problem.

Slow Response

Observe the length of time it takes for the garage doors to open/close when you use your remote to see if your door is operating at an optimal level. It should take two seconds for your garage to respond to these commands. If there is a delay beyond two seconds, it may signify that your garage door needs a professional tune-up. If your garage does nothing when you press the open or close buttons on your remote, it may be a bigger problem. Your garage door opener may need to be programmed, or you may have complex wiring issues.

Faulty Photo-Eye Sensor

The photo-eye sensor tells your door to stop closing or opening if there is an obstruction. An infrared beam shines from one sensor to the other. If the infrared beam is obstructed and the door continues to close, this could present a dangerous situation. If the door does not open or close when you press the buttons on the opener, there could be a problem with the photo-eye. You should call a professional to inspect your garage doors if these issues occur.

Roller Issues

The nylon rollers on your garage door keep your door on its track. A nylon roller can wear over time and become bent, broken, or faulty. Deformed rollers can cause loud noises, bend the hinges, and roll the door off its tracks when this happens. To solve this problem, you’ll need to replace damaged rollers with precision garage door rollers to fix the issue. Ensure you get a skilled garage tech to take care of the problem. Call us today!

The Door Is Off The Tracks

This problem can directly correlate with the roller issues we’ve stated above. Bad rollers can cause the door to go off its tracks. It can be challenging to get the door back on the tracks when this happens. This is not a problem you would want to tackle on your own. Getting an insulated garage door back on its tracks may require particular parts, heavy equipment, and extra labor and service. A professional garage door service can help you with this problem and get your door back in shape, safely, and professionally. Contact us today to book your free estimate.

Garage Door Investments

Why Invest in New Woodland Park Garage Door?

Home Curb Appeal

New garage doors provide an immediate improvement in your frontage. If you have existing garage doors that are a few years old, replacement doors will offer beautiful accents to your home. Call today for your free garage door installation quote.

Increase Home Value

While customers must consider the average price of a door, in most cases, the garage doors costs will be covered by the increase in property values. Additionally, many home buyers value the convenience and security of a durable, modern garage. High-quality doors can add significant value to your home.

To Keep up With Changing Needs

People use their garages in different ways over time, such as when they need to garage a taller vehicle or multiple vehicles. New garage doors can make all the difference, giving you more headroom or width to use your garage to your advantage. The garage doors we stock can be tailored to suit your needs. Our team of time-served, knowledgeable engineers will be happy to make a recommendation based on an assessment of your garage.

Openers Packed With Technology

Garage Door Opener Packed With Technology

You can find a garage door opener to fit your needs at A1. There are many versatile designs, so you can pick one that works best for your garage. No matter what kind of garage door opener you need — a camera, LED lighting, or a wall mount — our techs can install it. Contact us today . There are many styles available to choose from, including:

  • Chain Drive Opener- This openers are made to withstand constant use. The chain drive opener will handle your heavy door with a powerful pull.
  • Wall Mount Opener- The opener is mounted on the wall, not on the ceiling. The space above can be used for design or storage purposes.
  • Belt Drive Opener- Nearly silent, it is ideal for attached garages that are frequently used. Includes additional features such as wifi capabilities and top-notch security features.
  • Smart Opener- With smart garage door openers, you can control your garage from anywhere using your smartphone. These technology-filled openers connect to your home’s wifi by syncing to your myQ app for easy use, no matter where you are. Smart openers also offer additional features, including, but not limited to, corner-to-corner LED lighting, cameras, and a 24-hour customer support line.

The A1 Install Team

At A1, we are the trusted source for your garage door repair needs. Our family-owned company proudly serves all of the Colorado Springs area, including Castle Rock, Fountain, and Woodland Park. You can count on our expertise, from garage door maintenance to a replacement garage door. Our woodland park garage team arrives fully equipped with the skills and tools necessary to help you with any job you require. 

Call us today, our friendly office team is ready to book your free estimate. Our friendly technician would arrive on site, at your scheduled time, inspect your overhead door and opener. He will provide you with a price to complete any job, service, repairs or replacements. If the price works, we will complete the job while on site. If not, we would leave at no cost to you and the quote would be good for four days on service and repairs seven days on replacements.

Commercial Garage Doors

A1 Garage Door Specialists does not provide commercial garage door installations. Additionally, commercial garage door service and commercial garage door openers are also not in our current specifications.

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